We provide high quality IVD products for use in hospitals, blood banks, clinics and laboratories in over 100 countries and specialise in the areas of allergy, food intolerance, autoimmune disease and infectious disease.

Omega Diagnostics Ltd

Omega Diagnostics

With 3 sites in the UK, Omega Diagnostics Ltd specialises in research, development and production of kits to aid the diagnosis of autoimmune and infectious diseases, and for the detection of immune reactions to food, offering healthcare professionals and the general public a wide range of CE-marked tests for food intolerance and other conditions.

We pioneered the application of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)-based technology to food intolerance testing and developed the novel macroarray-based Food Detective® and Foodprint®, a panel of microarray-based assays.

Omega Dx (Asia) Pvt Ltd

Omega Diagnostics

Located in Mumbai, India, Omega Dx (Asia) Pvt Ltd was founded in July 2011 and is a direct 100% subsidiary of Omega Diagnostics Group, providing access to the Indian market for the sale and distribution for the Group company products.